A Vibrator Specialists Guide To Masturbation

We’ve all spent time debating to buy one. Maybe even tried one out before. But we never really know what we should be using, or how we should be using it.

Thanks to Carvaka, The Vibrator Specialists, a company based out of the UK- we have been blessed with a beautiful gift. An infographic dedicated entirely to teaching us ladies about vibrators and exactly how to use them to bring about that mystical big “O”.

“We believe that people who are new to the vibrator world sometimes find themselves a little lost yet might be unwilling to ask for help”.

Sadly enough, for many women, it takes a lot more work to reach an orgasm than it does for men. For many women, it is not even possible through intercourse alone, and because of this they will need to have clitoral stimulation just to reach their point of climax.

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A First Timers Guide To Sex.

Sex, like many things is complicated. Even before you start having it, you want it. Just from a single touch, you find your hormones begin screaming, your body starts to ache, and you just can’t control yourself any longer. It is a feeling like no other- a desire, a lust, a need for something- something more, something intimate, something sexual.

If you’re like most ladies, you’ve probably thought about your first time since you got your first kiss all those years ago.

It’s a pretty big deal getting intimate with someone. Letting them see you completely; touch you in places you may have never even touched yourself.

So when it comes to taking that plunge, to letting yourself be with someone completely, you should be prepared. Know the facts, be safe, and make sure you are happy with your choices. Continue reading

Guerrilla Geisha. Lingerie With A Bite.

A one of a kind design, filled with unique and mesmerizing prints of oriental flowers and colours- Guerrilla Geisha Lingerie is sure to turn you away from simple boring panties and towards an edgier, sexier lifestyle.IMG_20160317_122042


After beginning Guerrilla Geisha, originally in 2012 after the birth of her first son, Patrizia Grilli was set on combining her passions for tattoo design and lingerie in order to create a one of a kind beauty. Upon launching the line in 2014, Guerrilla Geisha became a crazy endeavor to create an edgy, sexy, yet fun line of lingerie. Through their hand crafted pieces, Guerrilla Geisha keeps each pair of panties unique to fill all their customer’s needs. With the brand’s signature style of cutting-edge designs, Guerrilla Geisha makes it a mission to incorporate beautiful unique prints, vivid colors, and high quality material to keep each piece better than the last.

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Living In A Womens World

Happy International Womans Day-2Every year women are given one day internationally to be loved, celebrated, and acknowledged for everything they have come to accomplish.

Every other day of the year, being a woman is not as easy. We have come to live in a world where a lot of the time being intelligent and witty is not enough to get you through life. Career opportunities are withheld, pay is lowered, and a lot of the time we are told by the people around us that our career and life choices are incorrect because it is simply a mans duty/job and we can’t do it because what, we’re not strong enough, or worse, smart enough? Well I call bullshit because women can do anything men can, and a lot of the time we can do it better. Continue reading

Accepting You’re Crazy & Loving It Too

Staying afloat after a big fight is never easy. You can’t figure out if you’re being crazy, or if your partner really is stupid enough to not understand what they did wrong, or why you’re so upset. When you’re mad all you want is for that one person to read your mind- do the 1513234_736527209816451_1321920008997255262_nright thing, say the right thing, and just be… right? But it never happens that way now does it.

A relationship isn’t always happy moments, filled with butterflies and unicorns jumping over rainbows. It is also hard work, making sure you’re significant other is happy, trying your best not to fight, compromising and saying you’re sorry even when you did nothing wrong. It can be a pain in the ass -a wasted box of chocolates and a night of horror movies, yelling at the dumb girl running towards the killer to grow some balls, as they say, and be stronger- be better. Now before you tell me I’m clearly not in the right relationship- you are very wrong because I’m as deeply and disgustingly in love as it gets.

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Change: The Intimate Collection Review

I have always been a lover of high waisted, vintage looking lingerie. I find it naturally elegant and timeless. I recently came across the Intimate Collection by Britney Spears at Change Boutique and after walking by the same set a few times decided I couldn’t leave the store until I tried it on.

Lingering Lust-3.jpg

I never really thought of wearing high waisted lingerie as I have a shorter upper body and a wide set of ribs making my muffin top, flap over higher then it probably should. To my surprise, though I wasn’t used to seeing this style of lingerie on me, I was pleasantly pleased.

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A Perfect Valentines Day

Valentines Day is a day of intimacy, and love. For those of us spending it with our significant others, having a romantic day alone, or with friends there is no reason not to dress up and feel great about ourselves. Though love is something that should be celebrated everyday, we are lucky enough to be given one day a year when we are not judged for being overly romantic and sappy out in public. Let the PDA begin, and no screaming “get a room” for a whole 24hrs please!

Buy yourself that over priced set of roses, and stock up on those chocolates because there is nothing better to live for than LOVE.

We have put together a list of our favourite 5 sets of Perfect Valentines Day Lingerie to get your day going the right way. With each set we paired our favourite lipstick shade to not only accentuate your look, but bring the attention from your lips down to the rest of your body. Who needs clothes when you got gorgeous lingerie and makeup to make your night as romantic as ever.

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The Future Of Periods

For the years that I’ve had to suffer through the tortures and uncomfortable mess that is periods I’ve always referred to certain types of my panties as my “period panties”. They were those big comfy cotton ones that felt like they covered every inch of me and just made me feel a little bit more comfortable during that one week when I just did not want to feel sexy in any way, shape, or form.

I have recently learnt that my idea of “period panties” was very misguided as there really is such a thing as special underwear designed just for your period. After a lot of research, my clouded mind that has a secret love for the comfort and durability of tampons was amazed at all the products out there for women.

Period Panties (a term I will now have to edit in my glossary) are special underwear designed and worn for free flow. They are made to be durable and leak proof for that time of the month depending on the heaviness of your flow. There are not too many companies who are producing these, but below are the top ones that we found who are now designing such underwear for the comfort of women.

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5 Things To Do While Single On Valentines Day

Valentines day is just around the corner and as if being single is not already hard enough, we are given a day to have love and relationships flaunted in our faces.

No matter where you go or what you do, hearts and chocolates have surrounded us in every store front and street corner.

We slowly start to become bitter and plan a day of hate, chocolate, and burning our ex’s things in a fireplaces. But it really doesn’t always have to be this way. Valentines day doesn’t have to suck if you have the right tools and mindset prepared ahead of time.

Here are the top five ideas that will take out this hallmark holiday of a day dedicated to sappy romance and over priced chocolates; and highlight the idea of love. This year Valentines Day will be a time to treat yourself and celebrate just what it means to be you- to be single and amazing.

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Naked x Nude

I’ve always wondered about the difference between being naked and being nude. I’ve always thought they were simply two words, meaning the same thing. Having your bare butt out in the open. However, as usual, I was wrong.

To be Nude refers to the absence of clothing. To be Naked on the other hand is a much broader term. Although yes it can refer to again being absent of clothing, naked, goes deeper with an idea of vulnerability, and the notion of being unprotected in some way.

We have all been there at some point, where we just did not like what we found ourselves seeing when looking in the mirror. There is no joy left in our reflections and we live in a constant fear of having someone else seeing us unclothed and utterly bare.

Lucky for us, there are so many ways to accept our bodies and here are some great ways to start: Continue reading