Lingerie Glossary


A fitted garment worn on a woman's breast as a form of support. 
With time the Bra has become a sexulized image allowing woman to 
accentuate their breast and lift them.
  • Push-Up: A push-up bra can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They contain different levels of padding that can increase the look of the breasts up to 3 sizes. Its purpose is to simply push up the breasts to create a greater cleavage and a larger look.
  • Full Coverage: A full coverage bra has a cup that covers the breast completely. They are the most supportive of all bras making them the most popular choice for women with a large cup size. As they are meant for support and comfort they usually contain wider shoulder straps for increased support.
  • Demi: A demi or shelf bra is used mainly for breast accentuation or sexual appeal. Much of the time the demi/shelf bra comes as a quarter cup with underwire for support to hold up the breasts. They will push up the breasts but will not create cleavage. Sometimes the shelf bra will come without cups, simply having an underwire to hold up and expose the breasts. These bras can be great for low neckline clothing or for seduction.
  • Unlined: The unlined bra is made without any seams and usually made with a cotton material. These bras are used to provide a smooth line under any tight clothing.
  • Strapless: Strapless bras come in either a demi cut or a bandeau cup. They contain an elastic type band around them to hold them in place as they contain no straps for security and support. They are used for open shouldered clothing.
  • Sports Bra: Sport Bras like the full coverage bra are meant to provide a firm support for the breasts. They are intended to prevent any discomfort during exercise by holding the breast in place. They are also a great choice for woman who enjoy a more comfortable bra on an everyday bases under their clothing. They contain a racer back allowing them to be hidden in my shirts.
  • Front Close: Front closure bras can come in all cuts, shapes and sizes. They only difference between them and back closure bras are that they clip in the front between the cups. These bras lie completely flat on the back giving a smooth line.
  • U-Plung Bra: A U-Plunge bra is designed for a lower cut type of clothing. The cups connect much lower down on the ribs with a thin centre piece to keep it from being shown in clothing. These can come with straps as well as strapless.
  • Backless/Adhesive Bra: A backless or also known as an adhesive bra is usually silicone based in order for it to better sticks to the breast. It has no straps or band of any sort and provides little support. It may hold the breasts closer together giving the woman more cleavage, but its known for being used as a way to cover nipples and breasts in sheer clothing. This type of bra is intended for backless and strapless fashions.
  • Mastectomy Bra: A mastectomy bra is a full cup bra that contains pockets within the cups to insert breast forms. They are meant for women who have had one or both breasts removed.
  • Nursing Bra: A nursing bra is a full coverage bra that is designed to help make breastfeeding easier. These bras contain cups that can be unclasped from the strap in order to expose the breast for feeding.
  • Maternity Bra: Designed for pregnant women who are growing and do not want to continuously buy more bras. They can be expanded to adjust as the breasts increase in size over the course of a pregnancy.


A form of undergarment that comes in a variety of cuts, fabrics 
and colours. They allow a women to have from full to 
barely any coverage.
  • Thongs & G-String: These types of panties are very similar in nature. They are both used as a way to avoid having the lines of underwear seen while wearing type or thin material clothing. They use a narrow piece of cloth that passes between the cheeks of the bum, and is attached to a thin band around the hips. A G-string will contain a much thinner material while a thong has wider bands. Both do the same thing, it ends up depending on a females personal preferences.
  • Cheekies: Cheekies are a form of underwear that sits low on the hips and exposes the bottom parts of the bum.
  • Hipsters/HipHuggers: Hipsters are a form of underwear where the waistband sits on the hips, approximately two inches below the waist. They have a low-cut leg holes meant to make them more comfortable for the woman who wants more frontal coverage.
  • Bikini: The bikini panty modelled after the women’s bathing suit contains a waistband that sits approximately three inches below the  waist line and has very high-cut leg holes to accentuate the leg length.
  • Boy Shorts: The boy short, much like its name describes has been modelled after a man’s briefs. Unlike most panties they are more regtangular and are used as a full coverage panty. They contain a lower-cut leg and in some cases have an extended leg going a short way down the thigh as a way for optimal coverage of the bum and top thighs. These can also be used as a form of shape wear for some women.
  • No-show/Seamless: The seamless underwear are a form of alternative to the thong/g-string for women who prefer more coverage. These panties are made with a thin single piece of material as a way to conceal any panty line under any tight or thin clothing.
  • French Cut or High Waisted: Often referred to as high waisted panties, these underwear go higher-up on the waist covering up until the women belly buttons but features high-cut leg holes that rise just above the widest part of the thigh. These panties are worn by women who prefer more tummy coverage than thigh coverage.


Sleep, shape wear and accessories that originally were made to be 
worn as a female undergarment. Lingerie is now used as a form of 
visually appeal or erotic clothing intended to allow a woman to 
feel beautiful and empowered.
  • Babydoll: a short nightgown, or negligee intended as nightwear for women. A shorter style, it is often worn with panties. They consist of form-fitting cups, with loose-fitting fabric that falls somewhere between the hips and the belly button. This piece of lingerie is typically trimmed with lace, ruffles, bows and ribbons, and is made of sheer fabric, like nylon, chiffon or silk.
  • Slip: typically worn underneath clothing. Originally, slips were worn to prevent underwear from showing through thin clothing and to help clothing to hang properly on the body. Slips are found in both full and half styles, and are typically made of smooth fabric like silk or satin.
  • Corset: A corset is a bodice worn to shape a women’s torso. They are used to give a women an hour glass figure holding in her waist while exaggerating the breast and hips. Corsets are made typically with boning within them made of either bone or steel to hold the shape in place.
  • Teddy: A teddy is a single piece undergarment that resembles the shape of a body suit. It is typically sleeveless and is worn as combination of bra and pantie. This can be used as a way to avoid any lines under clothing and to maintain a sleek figure. It has also been used as a form of apparel that can be worn like a corset under clothing for decoration.
  • Gown: A gown is a loosely hanging form of nightwear that resembles a dress. It can be hip-length (also known as a babydoll) or floor length. It is used to sleep and lounge in.
  • Kimono: A Kimono is a T-shaped robe that contains a long collar and wide sleeves.
  • Merrywidow: A merry widow is very similar to a corset, however it combines the use of a corset with a garter.It is considered to be worn as a shaping slip that can help hold up stockings instead of attaching to pieces together and leaving room for lines under clothing.
  • Chemise: A chemise is a single piece undergarment that resembles a sleeveless straight dress. It is similar to the babydoll night gown but is fitted more closely to the hips instead of hanging loose completely.
  • Hosiery: Hosiery are a thin material garment that is used to cover the feet and legs. They come either as separate pieces meant to be held up by garters, or as a single piece that contains material covering the bum and hips.
  • Garters: Garters are a form of lingerie that is used solely to hold up stockings. They are worn around the waist and contain clip straps that are used to snap onto the top of the stocking.
  • Bustier: A bustier much like the corset is a  fitting garment that is mainly used to push up a women breasts and to shape the waist. This is meant to give her an hour glass type figure and replace the use of a bra. Many women user bustiers under their clothes as a form of shape wear, while others use it as a form of apparel to wear out.

If there is anything missing, or something you would like to add just comment below and let us know!



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