A Vibrator Specialists Guide To Masturbation

We’ve all spent time debating to buy one. Maybe even tried one out before. But we never really know what we should be using, or how we should be using it.

Thanks to¬†Carvaka, The Vibrator Specialists, a company based out of the UK- we have been blessed with a beautiful gift. An infographic dedicated entirely to teaching us ladies about vibrators and exactly how to use them to bring about that mystical big “O”.

“We believe that people who are new to the vibrator world sometimes find themselves a little lost yet might be unwilling to ask for help”.

Sadly enough, for many women, it takes a lot more work to reach an orgasm than it does for men. For many women, it is not even possible through intercourse alone, and because of this they will need to have clitoral stimulation just to reach their point of climax.

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A First Timers Guide To Sex.

Sex, like many things is complicated. Even before you start having it, you want it. Just from a single touch, you find your hormones begin screaming, your body starts to ache, and you just can’t control yourself any longer. It is a feeling like no other- a desire, a lust, a need for something- something more, something intimate, something sexual.

If you’re like most ladies, you’ve probably thought about your first time since you got your first kiss all those years ago.

It’s a pretty big deal getting intimate with someone. Letting them see you completely; touch you in places you may have never even touched yourself.

So when it comes to taking that plunge, to letting yourself be with someone completely, you should be prepared. Know the facts, be safe, and make sure you are happy with your choices. Continue reading