Pique Lingerie: A KickStarter Campaign

Pique Lingerie launched their first ever Kickstarter Campaign this August and what a hit it has been. With 23 days left to go they have already hit over 100 backers and almost 40% of their goal.

This is one of the most seductive campaigns I have yet to see. It is set out to entice the sultry, bustier, seductive woman looking to step out of her shell and dominate the world around her.

“Inspired by Berlin’s hedonistic, pleasure-seeking underground, we explore the nuances between desire and decadence, temptation and compulsion.

Our pieces unabashedly caress your cleavage, pique and entice, setting the stage for whatever you decide comes next”.

They are offering three main pieces to kick off their company. This includes their Sybari Bra, High Waisted Panty, and the Strappy Panty. Each one comes in Sultry Black, containing straps and rings to simply flirt with the body it touches. Continue reading

PIQUE LINGERIE: Decadent Lingerie in Cups E-J

If you’re wearing a DD cup or larger you know the struggle. There is precious little sexy lingerie out there in those cup sizes, and it gets even worse after a G cup.

Well, we’ve got news for you. Newcomer Pique Lingerie is focusing on kink-inspired underwear designed specifically for the fuller bust. The brand encourages curvy women to embrace their bodies and sexual freedom by providing lingerie that underpins their wild side and keeps them supported.Pique Lingerie 11

By creating sultry undergarments for women with fuller busts, Pique Lingerie is not only responding to the scarcity of sexy underwear in large sizes, but is also challenging the fact that bigger women are rarely portrayed as sexually attractive in mainstream media.

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Be Bold, Be Different, Be You.

As a lover of lingerie it becomes a bit old when every piece you buy seems to just be the same as the last. As consumers we fall into a funk of buying the same old thing because it just seems to fit the right way and look great every time…

But aren’t you tired of spending money on the same lace panties, and same half moon cup in about 50 shades of rainbow? Because I sure am.

Walking into your local lingerie shop shouldn’t be boring. You shouldn’t be standing in line behind a group of woman all buying the same set.

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 10.32.27 AM.png

Lingerie is supposed to be an extension of yourself. You wear it to feel beautiful, to be confident, and to be unique. We buy certain sizes and shapes to ecentuate our bodies for a reason, so why not have those pieces made specific for you too.

Be Bold, Be Different, Be You. 

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Velvet Rebel Handmade Lingerie

My favourite part about lingerie is coming across something new, and something different.

After owning so much of it, and seeing so many different styles, it becomes hard to be amazed by what you find.

However, I was lucky enough to come across a style of lingerie I have never had the courage to try- something more rebellious, and sexual.

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Guerrilla Geisha. Lingerie With A Bite.

A one of a kind design, filled with unique and mesmerizing prints of oriental flowers and colours- Guerrilla Geisha Lingerie is sure to turn you away from simple boring panties and towards an edgier, sexier lifestyle.IMG_20160317_122042


After beginning Guerrilla Geisha, originally in 2012 after the birth of her first son, Patrizia Grilli was set on combining her passions for tattoo design and lingerie in order to create a one of a kind beauty. Upon launching the line in 2014, Guerrilla Geisha became a crazy endeavor to create an edgy, sexy, yet fun line of lingerie. Through their hand crafted pieces, Guerrilla Geisha keeps each pair of panties unique to fill all their customer’s needs. With the brand’s signature style of cutting-edge designs, Guerrilla Geisha makes it a mission to incorporate beautiful unique prints, vivid colors, and high quality material to keep each piece better than the last.

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Change: The Intimate Collection Review

I have always been a lover of high waisted, vintage looking lingerie. I find it naturally elegant and timeless. I recently came across the Intimate Collection by Britney Spears at Change Boutique and after walking by the same set a few times decided I couldn’t leave the store until I tried it on.

Lingering Lust-3.jpg

I never really thought of wearing high waisted lingerie as I have a shorter upper body and a wide set of ribs making my muffin top, flap over higher then it probably should. To my surprise, though I wasn’t used to seeing this style of lingerie on me, I was pleasantly pleased.

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A Perfect Valentines Day

Valentines Day is a day of intimacy, and love. For those of us spending it with our significant others, having a romantic day alone, or with friends there is no reason not to dress up and feel great about ourselves. Though love is something that should be celebrated everyday, we are lucky enough to be given one day a year when we are not judged for being overly romantic and sappy out in public. Let the PDA begin, and no screaming “get a room” for a whole 24hrs please!

Buy yourself that over priced set of roses, and stock up on those chocolates because there is nothing better to live for than LOVE.

We have put together a list of our favourite 5 sets of Perfect Valentines Day Lingerie to get your day going the right way. With each set we paired our favourite lipstick shade to not only accentuate your look, but bring the attention from your lips down to the rest of your body. Who needs clothes when you got gorgeous lingerie and makeup to make your night as romantic as ever.

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The Future Of Periods

For the years that I’ve had to suffer through the tortures and uncomfortable mess that is periods I’ve always referred to certain types of my panties as my “period panties”. They were those big comfy cotton ones that felt like they covered every inch of me and just made me feel a little bit more comfortable during that one week when I just did not want to feel sexy in any way, shape, or form.

I have recently learnt that my idea of “period panties” was very misguided as there really is such a thing as special underwear designed just for your period. After a lot of research, my clouded mind that has a secret love for the comfort and durability of tampons was amazed at all the products out there for women.

Period Panties (a term I will now have to edit in my glossary) are special underwear designed and worn for free flow. They are made to be durable and leak proof for that time of the month depending on the heaviness of your flow. There are not too many companies who are producing these, but below are the top ones that we found who are now designing such underwear for the comfort of women.

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Bare Essentials: Top 10 Pieces To Have

At the beginning of every year comes the necessary need to clean out the old and buy the new. Lingerie, like anything else comes in and out of style and we know we probably won’t wear some of these ever again so why keep it all?

The need to clean out that top drawer is unavoidable so make sure you keep in mind these Bare Essentials: 10 Must Have Pieces that you should always keep an eye out for. These pieces are what will make up the foundation of your lingerie drawer and work with anything you wear. They are timesavers, seductive, flexible, and perfect for any occasion. So if your New Years Resolution is to clean out your closet, we are here to help you!

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