Are You Risking Your Relationship?

Oh happy Valentines Day. The one day a year that North America stops and accepts Love into its heart. Its the one day where almost all men are confused, and almost all women have higher than life expectations.

We might not all admit we want the romance and the gestures and the utter Cheesiness that we associate with the day- but deep down its there. The need, the urge, the lust for love and chocolate. Continue reading

Accepting You’re Crazy & Loving It Too

Staying afloat after a big fight is never easy. You can’t figure out if you’re being crazy, or if your partner really is stupid enough to not understand what they did wrong, or why you’re so upset. When you’re mad all you want is for that one person to read your mind- do the 1513234_736527209816451_1321920008997255262_nright thing, say the right thing, and just be… right? But it never happens that way now does it.

A relationship isn’t always happy moments, filled with butterflies and unicorns jumping over rainbows. It is also hard work, making sure you’re significant other is happy, trying your best not to fight, compromising and saying you’re sorry even when you did nothing wrong. It can be a pain in the ass -a wasted box of chocolates and a night of horror movies, yelling at the dumb girl running towards the killer to grow some balls, as they say, and be stronger- be better. Now before you tell me I’m clearly not in the right relationship- you are very wrong because I’m as deeply and disgustingly in love as it gets.

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