Social Media Challenge

It’s an understatement to say that Social Media these days has a huge effect on peoples actions.

We poured Ice Water on our heads, let all our friends know the colours of our Bras and shared the Sweet yet Sad pictures of all those sick kids trying to raise money. There is nothing we wont do to spread the word and show that we care.

Social Media has allowed us to help in a whole new way and it is an outlet we need to utilize as much as possible!

This week I got nominated to do another Facebook challenge that ended in me making a donation to a charity near and dear to my heart- and now i’d like to keep going with this with all of you! Continue reading

Guest Post: Top 10 Most Amazing Beaches In Costa Rica

Guest Post By Author: Jamie

When God created the world and decided which countries to give more natural resources, Costa Rica must have caught a lot of them. The country has vast water resources. They also have beautiful mountains with diverse wildlife.

This island country might be small and there might not be a lot of people, but they were able to manage their resources well. Despite the number of tourists visiting the country, it remains clean, fascinating and enticing. Of course, the beaches in Costa Rica are to die for. Continue reading

Are You Risking Your Relationship?

Oh happy Valentines Day. The one day a year that North America stops and accepts Love into its heart. Its the one day where almost all men are confused, and almost all women have higher than life expectations.

We might not all admit we want the romance and the gestures and the utter Cheesiness that we associate with the day- but deep down its there. The need, the urge, the lust for love and chocolate. Continue reading

Guest Post: 7 Exercises You Can Do Right In Your Chair!

Guest Post By Author: Scott D.

Exercise is one of the body’s fundamental needs. Without it, systems go haywire, people gain weight, and different lifestyle-related and degenerative illnesses start to form. Not exercising causes a lot of problems, true.  However, a lot of people find it hard to exercise given their busy schedules. It’s already difficult balancing a home, career, and personal life to start with.

When you haven’t got enough hours in a day to get all your tasks and obligations done, it’s good to know that there are exercises that you can do while at work. It can be a home office or a corporate set up – it doesn’t matter, you can still take a few minutes each day to get some exercises done. It doesn’t have to be literally on your chair though, since you would be required to stand up and move away from your desk for a few minutes. Continue reading

Guest Post: “7 Easy Everyday Drinks That Fight Inflammation”

Post by Guest Author: Jessica Sparkles

Inflammation is our body’s natural immune response. We need it for without it, our body cannot heal. However, when it becomes out of control, it can do more harm than good. It has been revealed to play a role in major illnesses that plague our society today, including heart disease, obesity, diabetes and even depression.

A diet that is high in sugar and saturated fat can trigger inflammation. These foods cause over-activity in the body’s immune system, leading to fatigue, joint pain and damage to blood vessels. Experts suggest adding “good” foods to your plate, or foods that curb inflammation. These include whole grains, fatty fish, leafy greens, soy, nuts, low-fat dairy, peppers, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, onions, beets, olive oil, and berries. Do not forget to choose drinks with ingredients that fight inflammation. Continue reading

Guest Post: “The World’s Most Powerful Women In Tech 2016”

Post by Guest Author: Tom Fisher

Women the world over need all the support anyone can give to help them achieve their full potential. Females should be able to fill that need in themselves to feel safe in a world usually threatened by the fears brought by a society constantly domineered with gender driven issues. It is just right for many organizations and communities to come together and show support to the independence any woman should feel free to enjoy, whether in their personal lives or career.

The most powerful women in 2016 in the tech industry today, for example, demonstrates the ability of females to stand out and find their rightful place in this fast changing world. These exemplary leaders have showed their impressive skills not just in changing their lives and their workplaces, but also in encouraging women to persevere in constantly evolving for dynamism. Continue reading

Living In A Womens World

Happy International Womans Day-2Every year women are given one day internationally to be loved, celebrated, and acknowledged for everything they have come to accomplish.

Every other day of the year, being a woman is not as easy. We have come to live in a world where a lot of the time being intelligent and witty is not enough to get you through life. Career opportunities are withheld, pay is lowered, and a lot of the time we are told by the people around us that our career and life choices are incorrect because it is simply a mans duty/job and we can’t do it because what, we’re not strong enough, or worse, smart enough? Well I call bullshit because women can do anything men can, and a lot of the time we can do it better. Continue reading

Accepting You’re Crazy & Loving It Too

Staying afloat after a big fight is never easy. You can’t figure out if you’re being crazy, or if your partner really is stupid enough to not understand what they did wrong, or why you’re so upset. When you’re mad all you want is for that one person to read your mind- do the 1513234_736527209816451_1321920008997255262_nright thing, say the right thing, and just be… right? But it never happens that way now does it.

A relationship isn’t always happy moments, filled with butterflies and unicorns jumping over rainbows. It is also hard work, making sure you’re significant other is happy, trying your best not to fight, compromising and saying you’re sorry even when you did nothing wrong. It can be a pain in the ass -a wasted box of chocolates and a night of horror movies, yelling at the dumb girl running towards the killer to grow some balls, as they say, and be stronger- be better. Now before you tell me I’m clearly not in the right relationship- you are very wrong because I’m as deeply and disgustingly in love as it gets.

Continue reading

5 Things To Do While Single On Valentines Day

Valentines day is just around the corner and as if being single is not already hard enough, we are given a day to have love and relationships flaunted in our faces.

No matter where you go or what you do, hearts and chocolates have surrounded us in every store front and street corner.

We slowly start to become bitter and plan a day of hate, chocolate, and burning our ex’s things in a fireplaces. But it really doesn’t always have to be this way. Valentines day doesn’t have to suck if you have the right tools and mindset prepared ahead of time.

Here are the top five ideas that will take out this hallmark holiday of a day dedicated to sappy romance and over priced chocolates; and highlight the idea of love. This year Valentines Day will be a time to treat yourself and celebrate just what it means to be you- to be single and amazing.

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Naked x Nude

I’ve always wondered about the difference between being naked and being nude. I’ve always thought they were simply two words, meaning the same thing. Having your bare butt out in the open. However, as usual, I was wrong.

To be Nude refers to the absence of clothing. To be Naked on the other hand is a much broader term. Although yes it can refer to again being absent of clothing, naked, goes deeper with an idea of vulnerability, and the notion of being unprotected in some way.

We have all been there at some point, where we just did not like what we found ourselves seeing when looking in the mirror. There is no joy left in our reflections and we live in a constant fear of having someone else seeing us unclothed and utterly bare.

Lucky for us, there are so many ways to accept our bodies and here are some great ways to start: Continue reading