If someone told you they found the Holy Grail of sex toys would you pass it up? Now what if a whole lot of someones told you this? I doubt you’d say no, purely out of curiosity for what this magical new toy was.

Just in time for this horrible Snowing Spring weather we’re having here in Canada, I was shipped the Starlet by Womanizer to test out and review. Now being snowed in can get boring, but this weekend was definitely not that.

I have never been one to open up and experiment with toys, but after hearing so much about the unique technology surrounding Womanizer I was hooked and had to try it… Research and all…


Womanizers line of toys are unlike anything you’ve tried before. With their Pleasure Air Intimacy, Womanizer is sure to bring you over the top in as little as 60 seconds (Disclaimer: It wont happen this quick for everyone!). The Womanizer technology is a new unique way to get you off using suction to bring “going down” to a whole new level, replacing inexperienced partners everywhere.

The Womanizer Starlet

The Starlet is a smaller version of Womanizers original product but that is one of the main draws I have to it. It is the perfect travel size and fits neatly into the palm of your hand keeping it comfortable and easy to use. It also has a very sleek design, so unless you told me what it was, I would have never guessed this tiny ear thermometer looking thing was an orgasm miracle. The cute discrete design is great for people who do not have experience with the more real looking toys and are a bit intimidated like I was.


Because of its tiny size and mobility, this toy is perfect for being used alone and with a partner anywhere, anytime. With its size and shape, this toy doesn’t get in the way during partnered sex, and is great being used in a variety of positions or during foreplay.

For the woman using this toy solo- because of its small size you can comfortably place it where it needs to go and play around with the positioning to best suit your needs. It’s great for beginners and experienced users, keeping the Starlet extremely versatile in so many ways.

The Starlet also offers 4 different intensities that are convenient for woman of all sensitivity levels. For beginners I’d highly recommend sticking to or at least starting off with the first speed as it will be all you need. For the sex toy experienced- go all the way up because you will not regret what will be cumming your way!


I didn’t know what to expect when I first decided to do this review. Once I knew my new little toy was coming in the mail I was both nervous and excited.

Now let me be completely honest… I wasn’t lying when I said 60 seconds was all you’d need… Yup, take that in ladies…

It was nose tingling intense. On the lowest speed, this little machine did wonders. Once on, the Starlet was practically silent, and if you have some background music on you wont hear a thing. The only downside that most woman can agree on is its battery life. But its small and comes with a charger so don’t be lazy and use it.

The suction technology was very different than any mobile vibrator people are normally used to. It keeps you from over stimulating, but gives off the perfect body shuttering sensation. The best part – you don’t only need to use it in one spot. You can move this beauty from Tit to Clit and hit every sensitive spot you’ve got in between.

As a new introduction toy the Starlet is orgasmic to say the least at an incredibly fair price. Womanizer offers a huge variety of toys that are great for beginners and experienced users. They are a company with toys that wont disappoint and I do recommend giving them a try.



FabFitFun Spring Box 2018

FabFitFun has done it again and released a fabulous Spring Box to start 2018 off the best way possible. Each box contains the best spring products in pastel colours meant to add a little colour into your day. What better way to feel a little sunnier than with a flowered clutch and a new lip pallet?
3R0A3671_preview_preview.jpgEach box contains a variety of the most wanted products hand picked from their featured designers lines. Along with each box, your monthly subscription also gives you the chance to access the FabFit members only sales, FabFitFun TV, and a community of like minded girls such as yourselves to discuss with.


What’s In The Box?

When you subscribe to this box HERE using Promo Code SPRINGLOVE you will only be paying $39.99 ($49.99 Regular) for this box. Here is what you will be getting inside:


Also, if you sign up for an annual subscription ($179.99), you will also get the benefit of choosing the colors of your items based on what they have to offer. This gives you the ability to customize what you are getting to your taste.


Coupon –Use coupon code SPRINGLOVE to get $10 OFF your First Box!

What do you think of the SPRING 2018 FabFitFun box?  Do you love it as much as I do?

RedditGifts: My First Online Gift Exchange

For some time now I’ve been hearing stories about people exchange gifts around the world for the holidays and I found it to be fascinating. It is only now however that I actually took the time to look a bit further into this.

What I learnt is that RedditGifts is an amazing online gift exchange created to spread some holiday cheer all year around. 

This system is beyond easy to use. Once I finished registering my account I was given one credit to sign up for any of the new exchanges that were running. Though they all looked amazing I had to pick only one and ended up signing up for the Books 2018 exchange being the major bookworm that I am.


Once you select an exchange you like – you are set to fill in your Exchange Preferences. Here you are given a variety of questions to fill in as a way to make the shopping process a bit easier on your Santa. Once the Signup Date closes, the system generates a selection for you and the fun begins. You are encouraged to do a light stalking of their account to learn a bit more about them, as well as contact them through the site with any questions you have.

Once you select a gift for them, you will input a shipping information into the system and mark your gift as shipped.


This exchange is not complete until both parties receive their gifts. Once your gift arrives, you are asked to upload an image of your gift into the gallery and it is here that you can thank your awesome Santa and comment on other peoples presents.

Once both parties are done this full process, the exchange is complete and you are given another credit that is used to sign up for a new exchange!

My Experience.

My experience with the Book 2018 Exchange was an amazing one that brought a HUGE smile to my face. To my surprise I got two books that honestly I may have never taken a second look at if not otherwise suggested and boy am I happy I got these two. The best part was, they ended up arriving in two separate packages so the second gift came at a total surprise for me only making me more giddy about this whole process.

My very generous Secret Santa went above and beyond and sent two books instead of one: Code Name Verity & GirlChild. Both books are different in background, time, location, etc. however both seem to focus on a strong, independent, empowered female main character and that’s what I am really liking about them.

When it was my turn to be Santa in this exchange it got a bit more complicated for me. I ended up getting someone who had interests that I really knew nothing about. I was so very thankful that he was clear in his exchange preferences and a good sport over messaging that I was able to send out a gift I really do hope he likes!

What I like most about this whole RedditGift Exchange is that it is total strangers around the world freely participating in making someone else’s day. We are not thinking about money we spend on ourselves, but money we are spending to make someone else happy.

 You get to choose an exchange that reflects your interests and get a gift that you may not otherwise have taken the time to buy. Its a way to continue the holiday spirit all year around – and we really do all need a little more spirit in our lives.

RedditGifts – I.Am.Hooked.

Feeling Good Equals Looking Good.

We’ve all been there. Its a hot summers day, we’re walking a lot, the air flowing up our skirts just isn’t doing it, or worse our jeans are just to warm. There are so many reasons for it, but there really just doesn’t seem to be away around it.

Sweating Vaginas is a thing. Its gross, its uncomfortable and nobody enjoys it.

Being a girl is hard enough with all of our social rules to follow. We are not only expected to feel good all the time, but to look good too.  It is however really hard to feel good about ourselves when we’re walking around feeling wet and sticky.


I used to be a huge fan of going out in the summer and soaking in as much sun as I possibly could. Walking around with my head up, my dresses flowing and a huge smile on my face. It was the most empowering feeling there was for me. I felt and looked good, it was like I was capable of anything in that moment.

However with age, weight gain (main factor here) and hormone development it got harder. The sweat started coming a lot more often than it ever did in the years before. All I ever wanted to do was flutter my skirts to blow some extra air up there, or just carry an extra pair of clothes with me because I hated feeling like I was wet. The sexuality in my step faltered and I no longer wanted anyone looking in my direction. I felt gross.

What makes a Vagina Sweat?

Everyone has two main types of Sweat Glands – Apocrine and Eccrine. Eccrine produce moisture while Apocrine produce small. Depending which one is more dominant in each area determines if your sweat has odour or not.


Our little lady friend is not hidden from these glands unfortunately and we must suffer because of it. Due to a lack of air that does not get the opportunity to reach us there, the heat our bodies feel gets trapped under layers of clothing.

Fat, the devil that it is also insulates our bodies more in certain places than others (thighs for example) and thus escalates the heat we’re trapping in faster than in others.

My Solution:

Thankfully, I recently came across a new solution that has totally changed the game for me. Knix Underwear is not only seamless and comfortable so it can be worn under anything – it is also moisture-wicking and quick drying.



Now for those of you (like myself) who don’t know what Moisture Wicking is, here is the quick two step guide: First, wicking fabric pulls the sweat from your body, then second it sends it to the exterior of the material where it can evaporate or dry more easily. This way you feel drier longer.

These underwear became a life savor for my days out, as well as in. I wear them to work all the time under any type of clothing due to its seamless cut to keep myself fresh and dry while sitting on my ass all day. I wear them to the occasional gym trips, and I especially wear them when I have the opportunity to go out and enjoy a nice hot sunny day exploring my city.

Its hard to give a pair underwear complete control over a woman’s sexuality, femininity and mainly her confidence as of course those factors come from within. But I really do believe that a good pair of underwear can create a huge step in building up the confidence any woman needs in her step. Feeling Good will equal Looking Good.


My O-So Spicy Subscription Box

For whoever has been keeping up – I’ve been searching for a way to spice up my love life as I mentioned in “BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: A SPICY SUBSCRIPTION REVIEW“. Thankfully the very kind creators of Spicy Subscription heard my plea and decided to give me a push in the right direction and sent over a promotional box filled with a handful of items to try out.

These items were all different with the same purpose- to get my sex on! Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve walked into stag shops before and browsed from the corner of my eye but never actually got the nerve to buy something. So when I opened up my very discretely packaged box (thanks for that by the way Spicy Subscriptions!), not only did my eyes pop by my cheeks turned a little pink with excitement and curiosity.

*Image taken from SpicySubscriptions*

In my box I had a velvet pouch holding the Spicy Pink Rabbit, the Bijoux Indiscrets : Orgasm Enhancer Balm for Her & The Bijoux Indiscrets: Boudoir Essentials Bling Bling Body Powder. All these items were shouting female empowerment at me as they seemed to be perfect for exploring my own body as well as giving me the ability to use them all with my all too excited partner.

My Product Reviews:

Spicy Pink Rabbit

The first item I opened up was the Spicy Pink Rabbit. This pink beauty came wrapped in a hot pink velvet pouch adding the feminine touch every vibrator needs. It is a large fully rubber Vibrator with spinning metal balls added for pleasure in the middle and vibrating bunny ears used to tease your clit. This all in one Rabbit is there to drive you crazy alone or with a partner.

Because of its thick rubber coating, when using this toy I would suggest getting some lube to make it a bit easier and more sensual. Nobody likes friction. I’d recommend using a hot and cold lube to really add some spice into this already intense routine.

Features include:

• Spinning tip tickles your G-Spot
• Vibrating rabbit ears tease your clit
• Swirl-covered shaft and massage beads stimulate your vagina with every move
• Dual motors provide extra power and maximize your stimulation
• Play with 3 rotation speeds and 4 vibration functions
• Measures 1.5 inches wide and 5.5 inches long, insertable
• Made from soft and extra durable TPE
• Vibrator uses 3 AAA batteries, sold separately

I love this item just because it does give you the option of using either all simulators or just one at a time. With two separate motors, you have the option to use what you like whenever you like it. Also good for people who are more sensitive to certain stimulation for too long of a period.

Bijoux Indiscrets : Orgasm Enhancer Balm for Her

The second item I opened up was the Bijoux Orgasm Enhancer balm. To be completely honest, when I first opened this up I had no idea what it was. I wasn’t sure how it worked or what it did… This is where google and me became friends.

What I learnt was, this enhancer balm is designed especially to stimulate your clit by enhancing the sensations you feel with touch. By adding that tingly heat your orgasm will come much more exploding. This is something I am very interested in trying out soon – especially knowing its natural and vegan (I don’t need any skin reactions happening down there)!

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 10.25.09 PM.png


  • Makes for a more powerful orgasm(s).
  • Adds sensibility to touch and foreplay stimulation.
  • Keeps you sensitive and tingling for more.
  • Intensifies natural sensations. (No arificial effects).
  • Long-lasting effect: Up to 40 minutes after applying.
  • Active Ingredients 100% Natural. 100% Vegan. 0% parabens.


Bijoux Indiscrets: Boudoir Essentials Bling Bling Body Powder 

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 10.28.12 PM.png

The last piece I opened up was the Bijoux Body Powder. This piece I like because I can use it everyday in and out of the bedroom.

A little sparkle keeps a girl feeling seductive all day around. It also lets her partner keep their eyes on what matters when used with the perfectly cut dress until they’re in the bedroom. This product can really get both parties going with the perfect eye seduction.

After getting a closer look at what Spicy Subscriptions has to offer, I can confidently say this is something I’d like to have more of in my life. Originally I mentioned I’d go with the Month by Month Subscription but now I am starting to think I’d be more interested in opting in for the 4 month Subscription for $104.85 as this options will give you your first box free using their 1stFree Promo Code (this saves you $34.95!). This is a great money saver and will give you the chance to stock up a new collection in a perfect time frame. You can also always renew for more later.

If you’re already a subscriber, comment below and let me know what you think of Spicy Subscriptions!

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Indie Book Connect: Subscription Box for Indie Book Lovers

As a complete and utter bookworm, I am always looking for something new and exciting to read. To me reading is a way to escape reality and slide into someone else life and world. Its my own mini vacation.

Though I love taking time to walk around the library, bookstores and searching online for hours reading the backs of books and synopses – I always wish I could have someone do it for me. Just tell me what to read and save me the hours of hunting on my own.

With a little free time, and a lot of determination I decided to look online for some book subscriptions who can stay within my price point while still giving me everything I need. To my surprise and excitement I ended up coming across Indie Book Connect and am so happy I did.

Once finding them on cratejoy, I reaching out to the company and had the pleasure of learning a bit more about who they were before deciding if I wanted to move forward or not.

“We are successful indie authors ourselves and we created our box to help authors gain visibility and reviews. Our goal is to lift up our fellow indie authors as much as we can. As such, we do not make a profit from our box. Instead, all funds are put back into the box to send out additional boxes to bloggers and influencers to gain as much exposure for our authors as possible”.

When I learnt this I instantly became hooked. I absolutely love the thought that this box is meant for the purpose alone to market and get out some authors and names that most of us would not otherwise hear.

As mentioned on their site:

A little about our mission…

This subscription box was developed by someone just like you – a voracious reader who would stroll the aisles of the chain bookstores feeling like she had read everything on the shelves. After joining Goodreads, our founder discovered there are actually thousands of talented authors out in the world who simply aren’t known because the big chains only grant shelf space to those with the pockets to pay for it. Thanks to Cratejoy, we now have the opportunity to give the independent authors out there the spotlight they deserve while providing readers the steady flow of quality fiction they crave!

As a book lover – I always want something new and whats more new than the yet unknown. It is after all these books that end up turning into number one hits when discovered.

Their subscription box works just like any other. You begin by picking what kind of plan you would like to sign up to.

Month to Month ($20 USD),  3 Month PrePay ($57 USD),  6 Month PrePay ($105 USD), or  12 Month PrePay ($192 USD).


Each box will be shipped out on the 10th of the month, and you will receive 2 books per box.The best part is each book comes autographed by the author. I find this personal touch to be a huge benefit as it shows the author cares and is not just mass producing.

They also ask you review your favorites as that will help get the word out for other readers to try. For such a low cost starting at $20, I think this is completely fair as you are receiving 2 books and saving you a lot of searching time. Any big book store will charge you that for just one book and not always a good book.

This is a box I will be trying out and recommend you do too, if not just because it is supporting a good cause.

You can find out more about their subscription process at

Also be sure to check out our social media pages at

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FabFitFun Post Winter Editors Box, 2017.


It’s heartbreaking to say, but the FabFitFun Winter 2017 Box is officially SOLD OUT! But don’t start crying just yet because we still have the Editors Box ready to go!

This box is packed with both the FabFitFun Editors favorites, as well as some top rated customer favorite items as well. Just like the Winter Box, they are offering you $200+ worth of products. If you have a chance to check out our previous blog on FabFitFun you will know we deemed it 100% worth the cost of the box as you get more than what you pay for.

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 2.08.30 PM

Within each box, you will receive a variety of products- as well as a mini magazine. This magazine will give you better detailing on each item included in the box, its value, as well as some background on the featured designers.

Along with the box, your subscription will also allow you access to members only sales, Fabfitfun TV, and a community where you can share, discuss, and be part of a bigger fabfit family.

The benefit of a quarterly box is you also don’t get sick of the products fast. Since you are not getting something monthly you don’t get overwhelmed with items that seem to end up duplicating something you already have.

Can you still get this box if you sign up today but quantities are limited!  Use coupon code FIRSTBOX to get this box for only $39.99! *New Customers Only.

Based on the 2017 Post Winter Editors Box value Breakdown: At $49.99 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Whish Beauty Nourishing Dew Mark – $54 Value
  • Way of Will Bath Salts – $35 Value
  • RealHer Eyeshadow Palette “Do Your Squats” – $28 Value
  • MakeupDrop Silicone Makeup Applicator – $20 Value
  • Spongelle Body Buffer in Bulgarian Rose – $16 Value

You can also customize your box to include:


Mer-Sea & Co. Scarf in Grey or Blush – $98 Value


BB Dakota Poncho in Black or Charcoal – $70 Value

Jewelry Boost

Summer & Rose Double Bar Necklace in White – $40 Value


Summer & Rose Bar Chain Earrings in Rose – $38 Value

Wellness Boost

African Botanics Revitalizing Therapy Gel – $65 Value


Private Party Gym Bag – $59 Value

What do you think of the Winter 2017 FabFitFun box? Do you love it as much as I do?

Behind Closed Doors: A Spicy Subscription Review

Lately I have been finding myself more curious than not about finding new ways to spice up my sex life. After a bit of googling, I came across Spicy Subscriptions and felt like it was a sign that it was time to take the first step and try something new.

I have never been the type to try out sex toys as I was always to shy to even bring up the topic with my boyfriend- but I figured what the hell. After looking into the box some more I found that I had a lot more options than just one like many subscription boxes offer.

How It Works:

With Spicy Subscriptions you have the option to sign up for The Spice Box ($34.95/month) ; Toy of the Month ($24.95/month) ; Lube Of The Month ($10/month). After very little consideration I quickly pressed on the Spice Box as my choice.


The Spice Box promises to send out a uniquely themed box of products to spice things up every month. This box is said to contain 1-2 intimate items, 2 full size items and 2-3 testers. This right away seemed like the perfect choice as it would give me some variety and help me figure out what I like and what I don’t like.

Next you get to pick out my plan with again multiple options to choose from: Monthly, 4 Months & 8 Months.


Get Your 1st Box for $14.95 using code “SPICYITUP” on monthly subscriptions!

Get Your 1st Box for FREE using code “1STFREE” on 4 Month Subscriptions!

Get 3 Boxes for FREE using code “HOLIDAYS” on 8 Month Subscription!

Once a plan is chosen it is pretty simply.. You get charged the first of the month and receive the box the same month. You can also cancel at any time which I find to be great because really how many toys can you have before you have your own 50 shades red room.

Spicy Subscriptions seems like a great option for both couples and/or just for yourself. What I like about boxes like these are they are empowering. Explore your sexuality and enjoy!

This is definitely a box I’d look into purchasing using a month by month subscription just to try it out and see if it is something I’m more interested in continuing or not.

If you’re a subscriber already, comment below and let me know what you think of Spicy Subscriptions!

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The Pleasure In Comfort: Enjoy Leggings a Subscription Box

Before I start, I would just like to point out that I am a HUGE fan of leggings. I disagree greatly with people who shame others for wearing them because I love them.

I think they are comfortable, and can be styled up with any outfit to go out or stay in. They are no longer just pants to be worn while working out or sitting on the couch- but something that you can now wear everyday if you feel like it.

So realistically when I came across the EnjoyLeggings Subscription Box I had to be a part of it! For only $16.95USD a month (or $49.95/ 3months) for a pair of leggings I figured it to be a steal.


EnjoyLeggings offers insanely cute and fun designs which I love. They are different than what I would normally wear as I do tend to stick to the usual plain black pair- but they do add some fun into my wardrobe that I wouldn’t otherwise have.

Once trying on my new pair of leggings, I was first off very excited by the fact that they fit great. I got a size Small, and because they are so stretchy, I was able to pull them up above my belly button which I don’t mind as it hides my belly and takes away the awkward lining with tight shirts on the hips.


They were probably one of the softest materials I have ever felt and were beyond comfortable which is a huge win in my books. Made out of 92% polyester & 8% spandex they were soft on the inside and out – it was like wearing a cloud if that makes sense.

The pattern on them was very tribal aztec – with a royal blue background and contrasted blues, yellows and pinks over top in different triangle patterns. It was very eye catching and different than what you see everyday. They are however a bit too exciting to wear with more colour and in my opinion would either have to be worn with a plain black or white long shirt if worn out. They are perfect for working out as they really pump up your mood with their fun pattern and have that comfortable stretch to them.


Overall, I loved them and for the price of the box I think they are totally worth it. But I would think getting a funky pair like these monthly would be a bit much for me as I wouldn’t wear so many pairs that often. This print in particular is a bit out there for everyday use in my opinion since I don’t work out and wear my leggings to work a lot; but they are perfect for lounging at home, or running quick errands. These are now my new favorite couch potato pants though as I still can’t get over just how incredibly soft the material feels on!

In my case- if I were to subscribe to this box, I would probably go for their 3 Month Prepay Plan for $49.95. This way I get 3 new pairs of leggings for an insanely good cost – and I would probably repeat this plan twice a year taking a break in between to stretch out the use and abuse of them.

How It Works:

“When you sign up for Enjoy Leggings, you will receive a new pair of fun and fashionable leggings every month, shipped straight to your door. No more shopping headaches. Sign up once, that’s it! A portion of all profits goes to support charities that help promote positive body image for girls and women”.


Signing up to this box is very easy with their quick 3 step process. Once you are ready to go simply select your size [Sizing Options: Small (2-4) ; Medium (6-8) ; Large (10-12) ; Plus (14-18)] and choose how you want to pay. The amazing team at EnjoyLeggings will do the rest for you.

Begin your Subscription Signup Now at EnjoyLeggings.  

Subscriptions made before the 15th of the month will get you your first box the same month. Anything done afterwards will get you yours the following month.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity so shop now!

If you have a product you’d like reviewed or just want to talk please Contact Us and let us know! We love hearing from you.

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Into The Wild: JANAY LINGERIE Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

I was contacted last week by Janay from Janay Lingerie and was introduced to a truly spectacular collection. Though this was my first time hearing of this brand- I am now hooked.

Janay has just revealed her Spring Summer 2018 collection: Into The Wild and I am so excited to be one of the first few to see it. This collection was inspired by a bohemian theme and it did a perfect job portraying that.


This collection is wild and seductive in its make. I find that by using its mixture of corded lace, printed cotton and soft mesh, the pieces truly capture its wearers eye and anyone that she feels like showing it off to. This collection is unique, sensual, and with its added touch of floral patterns and lace it has the perfect feminine touch.

With its Coral Blush and Arabia Blue colour scheme- you also get the perfect contrasting colours giving it a pop when looking at. The print and colour mixture is fun and absolutely perfect for a spring/summer collection.

“As a designer I took inspiration from botanical artwork, woodland scenery and poetry to inspire the feeling of pure freedom and wanderlust within this collection. Looking at vines and tree roots to design the strapping details that gives Janay lingerie its signature style”

This beautiful collection offers a vast variety of pieces to choose from based on what you prefer to wear. See below for examples of each set sold (each piece sold separately).

Poet High Waist Bra & Brief Set

poet high

 Arlo High Lace Bra & Briefs Set


 Willow Lace Triangle Bra & Briefs Set

triangle bra

River Balconette Bra & Briefs Set


Eden Lace Suspender Belt

(Worn on top the Eden Lace Body)

Suspender Belt

Eden Lace Body


If these pieces caught your eye as quickly as they did mine- make sure to visit Janay Lingerie now and get your favorite pieces now. As well as this beautiful collection, Janay Lingerie also carries a large catalog of other gorgeous pieces that you have to see!

If you have a product you’d like reviewed please Contact Us and let us know! We love hearing from you.

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