If someone told you they found the Holy Grail of sex toys would you pass it up? Now what if a whole lot of someones told you this? I doubt you’d say no, purely out of curiosity for what this magical new toy was.

Just in time for this horrible Snowing Spring weather we’re having here in Canada, I was shipped the Starlet by Womanizer to test out and review. Now being snowed in can get boring, but this weekend was definitely not that.

I have never been one to open up and experiment with toys, but after hearing so much about the unique technology surrounding Womanizer I was hooked and had to try it… Research and all…


Womanizers line of toys are unlike anything you’ve tried before. With their Pleasure Air Intimacy, Womanizer is sure to bring you over the top in as little as 60 seconds (Disclaimer: It wont happen this quick for everyone!). The Womanizer technology is a new unique way to get you off using suction to bring “going down” to a whole new level, replacing inexperienced partners everywhere.

The Womanizer Starlet

The Starlet is a smaller version of Womanizers original product but that is one of the main draws I have to it. It is the perfect travel size and fits neatly into the palm of your hand keeping it comfortable and easy to use. It also has a very sleek design, so unless you told me what it was, I would have never guessed this tiny ear thermometer looking thing was an orgasm miracle. The cute discrete design is great for people who do not have experience with the more real looking toys and are a bit intimidated like I was.


Because of its tiny size and mobility, this toy is perfect for being used alone and with a partner anywhere, anytime. With its size and shape, this toy doesn’t get in the way during partnered sex, and is great being used in a variety of positions or during foreplay.

For the woman using this toy solo- because of its small size you can comfortably place it where it needs to go and play around with the positioning to best suit your needs. It’s great for beginners and experienced users, keeping the Starlet extremely versatile in so many ways.

The Starlet also offers 4 different intensities that are convenient for woman of all sensitivity levels. For beginners I’d highly recommend sticking to or at least starting off with the first speed as it will be all you need. For the sex toy experienced- go all the way up because you will not regret what will be cumming your way!


I didn’t know what to expect when I first decided to do this review. Once I knew my new little toy was coming in the mail I was both nervous and excited.

Now let me be completely honest… I wasn’t lying when I said 60 seconds was all you’d need… Yup, take that in ladies…

It was nose tingling intense. On the lowest speed, this little machine did wonders. Once on, the Starlet was practically silent, and if you have some background music on you wont hear a thing. The only downside that most woman can agree on is its battery life. But its small and comes with a charger so don’t be lazy and use it.

The suction technology was very different than any mobile vibrator people are normally used to. It keeps you from over stimulating, but gives off the perfect body shuttering sensation. The best part – you don’t only need to use it in one spot. You can move this beauty from Tit to Clit and hit every sensitive spot you’ve got in between.

As a new introduction toy the Starlet is orgasmic to say the least at an incredibly fair price. Womanizer offers a huge variety of toys that are great for beginners and experienced users. They are a company with toys that wont disappoint and I do recommend giving them a try.



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