RedditGifts: My First Online Gift Exchange

For some time now I’ve been hearing stories about people exchange gifts around the world for the holidays and I found it to be fascinating. It is only now however that I actually took the time to look a bit further into this.

What I learnt is that RedditGifts is an amazing online gift exchange created to spread some holiday cheer all year around. 

This system is beyond easy to use. Once I finished registering my account I was given one credit to sign up for any of the new exchanges that were running. Though they all looked amazing I had to pick only one and ended up signing up for the Books 2018 exchange being the major bookworm that I am.


Once you select an exchange you like – you are set to fill in your Exchange Preferences. Here you are given a variety of questions to fill in as a way to make the shopping process a bit easier on your Santa. Once the Signup Date closes, the system generates a selection for you and the fun begins. You are encouraged to do a light stalking of their account to learn a bit more about them, as well as contact them through the site with any questions you have.

Once you select a gift for them, you will input a shipping information into the system and mark your gift as shipped.


This exchange is not complete until both parties receive their gifts. Once your gift arrives, you are asked to upload an image of your gift into the gallery and it is here that you can thank your awesome Santa and comment on other peoples presents.

Once both parties are done this full process, the exchange is complete and you are given another credit that is used to sign up for a new exchange!

My Experience.

My experience with the Book 2018 Exchange was an amazing one that brought a HUGE smile to my face. To my surprise I got two books that honestly I may have never taken a second look at if not otherwise suggested and boy am I happy I got these two. The best part was, they ended up arriving in two separate packages so the second gift came at a total surprise for me only making me more giddy about this whole process.

My very generous Secret Santa went above and beyond and sent two books instead of one: Code Name Verity & GirlChild. Both books are different in background, time, location, etc. however both seem to focus on a strong, independent, empowered female main character and that’s what I am really liking about them.

When it was my turn to be Santa in this exchange it got a bit more complicated for me. I ended up getting someone who had interests that I really knew nothing about. I was so very thankful that he was clear in his exchange preferences and a good sport over messaging that I was able to send out a gift I really do hope he likes!

What I like most about this whole RedditGift Exchange is that it is total strangers around the world freely participating in making someone else’s day. We are not thinking about money we spend on ourselves, but money we are spending to make someone else happy.

 You get to choose an exchange that reflects your interests and get a gift that you may not otherwise have taken the time to buy. Its a way to continue the holiday spirit all year around – and we really do all need a little more spirit in our lives.

RedditGifts – I.Am.Hooked.


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