Indie Book Connect: Subscription Box for Indie Book Lovers

As a complete and utter bookworm, I am always looking for something new and exciting to read. To me reading is a way to escape reality and slide into someone else life and world. Its my own mini vacation.

Though I love taking time to walk around the library, bookstores and searching online for hours reading the backs of books and synopses – I always wish I could have someone do it for me. Just tell me what to read and save me the hours of hunting on my own.

With a little free time, and a lot of determination I decided to look online for some book subscriptions who can stay within my price point while still giving me everything I need. To my surprise and excitement I ended up coming across Indie Book Connect and am so happy I did.

Once finding them on cratejoy, I reaching out to the company and had the pleasure of learning a bit more about who they were before deciding if I wanted to move forward or not.

“We are successful indie authors ourselves and we created our box to help authors gain visibility and reviews. Our goal is to lift up our fellow indie authors as much as we can. As such, we do not make a profit from our box. Instead, all funds are put back into the box to send out additional boxes to bloggers and influencers to gain as much exposure for our authors as possible”.

When I learnt this I instantly became hooked. I absolutely love the thought that this box is meant for the purpose alone to market and get out some authors and names that most of us would not otherwise hear.

As mentioned on their site:

A little about our mission…

This subscription box was developed by someone just like you – a voracious reader who would stroll the aisles of the chain bookstores feeling like she had read everything on the shelves. After joining Goodreads, our founder discovered there are actually thousands of talented authors out in the world who simply aren’t known because the big chains only grant shelf space to those with the pockets to pay for it. Thanks to Cratejoy, we now have the opportunity to give the independent authors out there the spotlight they deserve while providing readers the steady flow of quality fiction they crave!

As a book lover – I always want something new and whats more new than the yet unknown. It is after all these books that end up turning into number one hits when discovered.

Their subscription box works just like any other. You begin by picking what kind of plan you would like to sign up to.

Month to Month ($20 USD),  3 Month PrePay ($57 USD),  6 Month PrePay ($105 USD), or  12 Month PrePay ($192 USD).


Each box will be shipped out on the 10th of the month, and you will receive 2 books per box.The best part is each book comes autographed by the author. I find this personal touch to be a huge benefit as it shows the author cares and is not just mass producing.

They also ask you review your favorites as that will help get the word out for other readers to try. For such a low cost starting at $20, I think this is completely fair as you are receiving 2 books and saving you a lot of searching time. Any big book store will charge you that for just one book and not always a good book.

This is a box I will be trying out and recommend you do too, if not just because it is supporting a good cause.

You can find out more about their subscription process at

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One thought on “Indie Book Connect: Subscription Box for Indie Book Lovers

  1. Thank you for your post. I found it informative and useful. I personally like going to the library, but you’re right that this could save time.
    I hope you post a review of the books you get.


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