I Spent A Weekend Eating In Blue Mountain

I had the pleasure of accompanying my boyfriend and his cousins to Blue Mountain Village this past weekend. Unfortunately not getting to join them on the hills- so while the boys went off and Snowboarded the night away I got to eat… A LOT.

Being the girl left behind- I took it upon myself to check out everything I could while in the village. So what better way to waste time and stay warm in FREEZING weather than eating?

Though these weren’t the only places I stopped at, here are some of the best places I got to try while there and I highly recommend you try them too!

Rustys at Blue

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During a seriously cold spell around 8pm on our first day at Blue Mountain I got super cold and hungry as usual. The closest thing to where I was standing happened to be Rustys and I ran in grabbing the only available table at the moment.

After looking long and hard at the menu I ended up grabbing their Beef Brisket Tacos, which are a “smoked Slow ‘N’ Low over broken whiskey barrels” tacco, and a Green Tea to warm up. As Tacos are my number one go to meal I figured I couldn’t pass up the chance if it was there.

The Tacos ended up being phenomenal. The beef was shredded in bigger pieces causing it to be a bit harder to eat but the flavor made up for it. They were layered on top of coleslaw with a mix of guacamole, and beef juice keeping me messy but satisfied. They automatically became my favorite dish of the weekend.

I ended up coming back here the next day for lunch grabbing their Classic Poutine instead to try something new. This unfortunately was not one of my favorites as it felt a little to heavy and chunkier than a good poutine should be.

Royal Majesty Espresso Bar & Bakery


Blue Mountain does not offer the largest variety for breakfast food… When in the morning we headed towards Sunset Grill and saw an hour long line up we figured all hope was lost. Thankfully though hidden next door we saw the Royal Majesty Espresso Bar & Bakery and what a blessing this was!

Royal Majesty is a chic, small spot that offers the best coffee I have ever tasted, along with Sandwiches and Baked Goods. Here I got the S’mores Latte (BEST DECISION EVER!) and a Ham & Cheese Croissant.

The food was light and good for breakfast keeping it as my new go to location for light food. The Coffee… Holy Damn… So Good.


The S’more Latte was a simple latte from underneath. However over top was an explosion of flavor. They covered the rim in what tasted like caramel, covered in Scores and Chocolate bits. Over top you had whipped cream, small and big cooked marshmallows, and gram cracker to finish it off. It tasted phenomenal and gave off the perfect Christmas warmth needed this time of year.

MJ Byrnes


MJ Byrnes was one of the last stops before heading home from our hungry weekend and I was determined to get some desert. It was a very nice pub- spacious layout and sweet staff.

We ended up ordering a good variety of food as I wanted to try multiple options to see what I liked best and obviously the desert as always won.

We tried their Nachos, which were very chunky and a bit spicy as they were topped with Jalapenos.

The Chicken Fingers and Fries were standard and always a good option for finger pub food.

The Apple Crumble was homie and delicious. It was the perfect amount of flaky and apple with a hint of cinnamon. As they ran out of Vanilla Ice Cream, I got it with some Chocolate ice cream which I think only made it better.


Beaver Tails

Though BeaverTails Pastry offers a wide variety of ice creams, pastries, and more- my number one reason to get these at least once a day everyday would be for their Hazelnut Chocolate beavertail with score crumbles on top… It is simple and yet delicious. Also- be prepared to be covered in melted chocolate.

I have found with a lot of the other flavors it gets too sweet to handle. So for me the simple chocolate and the crunch of the scores are the perfect amount of sweet, salty, hot and crunchy.


FireHall Pizza Co.

Firehall Pizza Co.

This was suprisingly my first time at the Firehall which is odd since it is a very popular spot in Blue Mountain. The decor is very rustic and nice and has a homey feel to it which I liked a lot.

While there I tried their Gladiator Burger which is a “angus chuck burger topped with arugula, bruschetta mix, provolone cheese & prosciutto”. This was a delicious burger and different from the everyday classic of a simple Cheese Burger. The buns were large and fluffy and the meat was cooked to perfection. It was a good option if you feel like being different.

They also had some amazing pizzas – Obviously…. So give it a shot!

Image result for firehall pizza gladiator burger


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