I Wrote A Letter To Santa & You Should Too

Every year once December hits and the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping passes- I finally fall into complete and utter joy and bliss. The air feels fresher, the clothes are comfier, and it just becomes harder not to smile.

I am a HUGE fan of the holidays. The city is light up, homes are decorated, and you get presents! There is really not much not to enjoy other than the disgusting cold. Even people having the toughest of times find a moment at some point to just take in a deep breath and admire the beauty of it all because it really is breathtaking.

Since this is my first holiday season not living with my parents I wanted to make this year special so I had something to look back on and remember. It is a big step after all.

So of course I went ham and decorated my condo from top to bottom – the big light up tree with reindeer chilling underneath, lights covering my shelves around the house, candles around the bedroom, playing Michael Bublé Christmas CD on repeat all day and wrapped presents under the tree to have something to look forward too.


I tried baking cookies to give the condo the great Christmas smell – however those burnt and we are pretending it never happened…

But I couldn’t just stop here… I needed something more. I am a very go big or go home kinda person and I was aiming for Big.

I figured- what better way to remember my first holiday season living with my boyfriend, and getting to do all these holiday traditions in my own place than writing about it all and mailing it to the big boss man in red. I was also hoping to subtly and indirectly ask for presents I wanted while I had my boyfriend “proof” read it… Smart I know.

I wrote a letter to Santa. Addressed it to the North Pole. Mailed that baby and am now waiting for my reply!

Canada Post has this incredible service for kids (and me apparently) where you get to write a letter to Santa with either your parents, or with your class and he sends you back a reply just in time for Christmas. They offer templates to use for your letters if needed, and even emergency replies in case your letter does not get out by their Deadline – December 11.

This is a service I wish was around when I was growing up. The replies would have been more authentic when they weren’t written in my dads handwritting…

It is the sweetest experience for everyone to try. You don’t need to be a kid to believe in magic. Plus it is fun and cheesy and perfect for the holiday season.


I got to write about moving out with my boyfriend, starting a new tradition in my own home, believing in magic and loving it, and obviously reminding him that I’ve been more or less of a good girl and deserved a lot of presents. One of which I specified being a vacation… I’m not greedy- but a girls got needs.

This service is something I would recommend for anyone to try. Send a letter with your siblings, kids, significant other or even alone. The point is the magic behind the whole idea. You get to be a kid again – wish for something – and fun enough get a reply from a very kind Canada Post elf.

Now just to get that response… And hopefully everything I asked for.

Have your own traditions you’d like to share? Let us know below, we really do love hearing from you!






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