Cinnamon Apple Splash: A Hidden Gems Candle Review

For a while now I’ve been seeing a lot of ads for Jewelry filled candles all over social media. A few days ago was the first time I had the pleasure of actually coming across one in stores.

I was visiting the Showcase in my local mall to do a quick exchange and as always couldn’t pick what I wanted. After doing my third lap around the store, I came across the Hidden Gems candles located at the back. I just moved into my own place and what better way to decorate than with some candles. I’d never been allowed candles in my parents house as my mom had strong allergies to smells and now I was free to add all the aromas I wanted to my own space.


Hidden Gems has 7 classic candle scents to choose from: Meadow Mist, Mandarin Mango, Mulled Apple Pie, Vanilla Cinnamon, Sugar & Cinnamon, Lavender Peach, and Floral Fruit. Also available for a limited time is their Signature Limited Edition Cinnamon Apple Splash. Their ring size availability comes in only sizes 6-8, and they vary in value from $10-$5,000. They also carry new Bath Bombs with pendants inside but that’s for a later post.


With high hopes of getting one of their $5K rings, I went and got the prettiest candle they had to offer. As the main purpose of this purchase was to accessorize my  new place, the look of the candle mattered a lot to me. All of them smelt delicious (or I was just very hungry) so this couldn’t be too big of a factor in my decision making. Their Cinnamon Apple Splash was this seasons signature smell and came in a unique red glass cup covered in a gold foil like design making it the easy winner for design. Plus i’m a sucker for anything limited edition.23023819_10155264299523253_922732176_n.jpg

From the moment that I opened the box, the aroma of the candle took over. Once the lid was off, my bedroom instantly started to smell like fall. While drooling, I quickly closed the candle and began setting the mood of the bedroom to make using this really worth while. Once night fall hit, I was ready to light this baby up. The burn on this candle was consistent yet slow. The double wick also helped with giving more light than many other candles offer.

The only downside I saw from the start was having the wicks so close together and only on one side of the candle causing me to burn my finger more than once until the flame caught. This also caused tunneling within the first hour as the flames were located in one spot leaving the rest of the candle untouched.

img-20171031-wa0036.jpgA bit after hour two of this candle burning did I finally see the top tip of the foil appear. I really did not want to wait another hour to finally see what was inside so I blew out my candle and grabbed a pair of tweezers to help push through the wax and pull out my pouch. The benefit however of a lot of melted wax in the tunnel was that it dried fairly neat without exposing how much I butchered and pushed with my tweezers. The wax was extremely sticky – while unwrapping the foil and plastic pouch within I ended up having  both hands, my towels, and my entire sink covered in red… Washing that off was a major pain in the ass.

On the bright side however, the ring was very pretty, with a large ruby colored stone in the middle surrounded by a few crystals around it adding to the sparkle. After inputting the code of the ring online, I found out that the value was $25. The ring was a bit big in size for my small fingers, but all in all I was happy with the new addition to my jewelry box.

In Conclusion

To be completely honest, even though my ring was not a lucky $5K Diamond, I was quite happy with what I got. After paying only $20 for the Candle (it was on promotion) and getting a $25 ring, it paid itself off and the candle smelt amazing. I will definitely continue to light it up until its fully gone, and will probably be going back and getting more to give away as gifts (for this price how could I not?). The price is great and lets be honest its pretty much a 2 in 1 present – winning the holidays over here.

I will however be trying a few more brands for myself before I decide which one I will become truly loyal to as there are so many options out there for this.

As a candle virgin, I am totally hooked and have my new favorite accent decor. Continue reading “Cinnamon Apple Splash: A Hidden Gems Candle Review”