Guest Post: How to Stay In Good Shape Without Starving Yourself

Guest Post By Author: Meghan

Starving yourself to achieve your ideal weight is not a plan at all. You should never sacrifice your health and well-being just to achieve a dieting goal.

Making the right choices when you plan your meals and engaging in fat-burning physical workouts are the options that most successful dieters take. Ralph Wunsch has a few words of wisdom for fledgling dieters and health and fitness buffs.

Do not allow hunger to dictate your choices

Image result for portioned meals

When you allow yourself to get hungry, you are more likely to make the wrong choices when it comes to foods and beverages. Cravings are more difficult to control when we are hungry. It is rather unfortunate that when we crave, we crave for sugary and starchy

foods. More so, we end up eating them in large amounts.

Instead of denying yourself the joy and fulfillment of a meal, eat in small portions, watch the calories you take, and eat small meals more frequently.

Prepare meals composed of complex carbohydrates, proteins, and plenty of leafy, green vegetables. Now, that’s a good plan.

Move it!

A well-planned diet won’t be enough to help you achieve your #fitnessgoals. Regular physical activity doesn’t only burn fat, but also boosts metabolism and improves mood.Image result for exercise

A 15-minute exercise regime performed daily should be enough to help you achieve your goals. But if you can extend the regime to an hour per session, then you will burn more fat and gain muscle strength as well.

Both low impact and high impact exercises have their own benefits. Exercise programs should be chosen based on your capability and dieting goals, so it’s best to consult with a fitness coach before working out.

Limit calories without deprivation

Image result for limit caloriesYou can count calories all you want, but you should never deprive yourself of the foods you enjoy. The secret to a successful dietary program is to observe moderation. It is easier to stick to a plan that allows you to still partake of the foods you like.

When you feel satisfied, your attitude towards dieting will remain positive. There is also no feeling of resentment, which could arise when you do not allow yourself to enjoy foods you are restricted to.

Not all fats are bad for you

Fatty acids are essential components of the cell of our body. Hence, you will be depriving yourself of essential nutrients if completely remove fat from daily meals.

Healthy fats such as polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids should be part of Image result for healthy fatsyour diet. Learn about healthy fats and how you can incorporate them into meal planning.

Lastly, drink as much water as you can in between meals. This will keep your cells hydrated and give you a feeling of fullness so that you’ll eat less. Remember that thirst is often mistaken by many for hunger. If you always carry a bottle of alkaline water, then your body gets what it needs.

So, are you ready to stay in great shape without starving yourself? Today is the best day to start on this amazing journey!

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