Social Media Challenge

It’s an understatement to say that Social Media these days has a huge effect on peoples actions.

We poured Ice Water on our heads, let all our friends know the colours of our Bras and shared the Sweet yet Sad pictures of all those sick kids trying to raise money. There is nothing we wont do to spread the word and show that we care.

Social Media has allowed us to help in a whole new way and it is an outlet we need to utilize as much as possible!

This week I got nominated to do another Facebook challenge that ended in me making a donation to a charity near and dear to my heart- and now i’d like to keep going with this with all of you!


While on Facebook, I got nominated to donate based on the amount of likes and comments I got on my Facebook status. I then decided to double that amount before making my donation. Within this status I was told to Nominate 5 more people once my 24hrs were done… So here it goes…

My 24hrs are up and I have decided to make a donation of $100 to the Heart And Stroke Foundation. I now nominate ALL of my readers to post the below status on their Facebook and donate to the foundation of their choice. Make a real difference and lets go viral!


“Here we go! Thanks to Lingering Lust for the ‘Tzedaka (Good Deed) Challenge’, I pledge to donate $1 for each like on this post and $2 for each comment (one comment per person will be counted) for the next 24hrs. My donation will go towards a charity that I will reveal at the end of the 24hrs. At the end of the 24hrs I will in turn challenge 5 Friends to do the same for an organization of their choice.”

So readers let do this together- lets go Facebook Viral. Like our Facebook Page and tag @lingeringlust on your status in each one of your challenges and I will match the same donation you are giving to the same charity of your choice. Lets make a difference together!

If you have something to say and need a portal to speak your mind, please Contact Us and let us know! We love hearing from our Guest Authors and our readers!


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