Guest Post: Top 10 Most Amazing Beaches In Costa Rica

Guest Post By Author: Jamie

When God created the world and decided which countries to give more natural resources, Costa Rica must have caught a lot of them. The country has vast water resources. They also have beautiful mountains with diverse wildlife.

This island country might be small and there might not be a lot of people, but they were able to manage their resources well. Despite the number of tourists visiting the country, it remains clean, fascinating and enticing. Of course, the beaches in Costa Rica are to die for.

Tourists go to Costa Rica just to see the pristine beaches and try various activities. The tourists are encouraged to be more responsible. The locals are vigilant so that foreigners who are not following rules will be immediately warned.

This is how they have managed to create a booming tourism industry without hurting the environment. Just take a look at the images of these lovely beaches and the activities people do when they are in Costa Rica and you might want to book your ticket now.

Without a doubt, Costa Rica is a piece of heaven on Earth. It might be difficult to find a direct flight to this country, but everything is worth it once you arrive there. The beaches are just mind-blowing.

The list of amazing beaches can be found on the infographic below. Check out what each beach has in store for you so you can decide which of the choices would be worth visiting. If you have time, go ahead and visit all of them.

Top 10 Most Amazing Beaches In Costa Rica

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