Guest Post: “7 Easy Everyday Drinks That Fight Inflammation”

Post by Guest Author: Jessica Sparkles

Inflammation is our body’s natural immune response. We need it for without it, our body cannot heal. However, when it becomes out of control, it can do more harm than good. It has been revealed to play a role in major illnesses that plague our society today, including heart disease, obesity, diabetes and even depression.

A diet that is high in sugar and saturated fat can trigger inflammation. These foods cause over-activity in the body’s immune system, leading to fatigue, joint pain and damage to blood vessels. Experts suggest adding “good” foods to your plate, or foods that curb inflammation. These include whole grains, fatty fish, leafy greens, soy, nuts, low-fat dairy, peppers, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, onions, beets, olive oil, and berries. Do not forget to choose drinks with ingredients that fight inflammation.

A healthy diet not just reduces inflammation. It can benefit a person’s overall health. More natural diet has significant effects on our physical and emotional being. It is beneficial not just for fighting chronic diseases; it also improves our mood and quality of life. Getting away from fried foods, refined carbs, sodas, processed meat and lard is one step towards a healthier lifestyle. You can start gradually for your body also needs to adapt.

While eating the right food is essential, picking the right beverage is equally important. The next time you buy a drink from your favorite store, think about its nutrient content. Better yet, check this colorful infographic for it shows the top recommended drinks for an inflammation-free body.

7 Easy Everyday Drinks That Fight Inflammation

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