Velvet Rebel Handmade Lingerie

My favourite part about lingerie is coming across something new, and something different.

After owning so much of it, and seeing so many different styles, it becomes hard to be amazed by what you find.

However, I was lucky enough to come across a style of lingerie I have never had the courage to try- something more rebellious, and sexual.

After getting in contact with Leanna Dallas, Designer and Creator of Velvet Rebel Lingerie– I was introduced to a style she liked to describe as going “against mainstream idolization of what a woman should comply to”.

Velvet Rebel was created in order “to produce bold, distinctive and wild lingerie that will make women stand up and take attention thus embracing the inner wild beauty that she is”.


Her pieces are not only unique, but tantalizingly seductive. Through her strive to create something that will bring women to their feet- and men to their knees, Leanna has created a line different than anything I have seen before.

By creating each piece individually, she is lucky enough to put her heart and soul into each piece she makes- as no two will ever be identical.

13624722_10153855189038253_1710291457_nAfter receiving my pair of Black Sateen Soft Tongue Tied Tie Side Knicker (try saying that 10x fast), I couldn’t wait to get them on.

I had originally ordered a size XS, forgetting to actually measure myself, and simply assuming based on other lingerie I had got elsewhere (and how big my ass has gotten over time). This was my first mistake. Ladies- measure yourselves!

When I went to put my new gorgeous panties on, they did not cover too much. But instead of getting upset- I tried to look at the bright side. They were gorgeous, they were seductive, and they would hopefully be taken off quicker because of the above 2 statements.

These panties were designed with a black soft silk material, sewn to to be rushed around the top and sides keeping them tight against your skin, hugging every inch of your goodies

The soft silk really made a difference when wearing them. They felt amazing against my skin, keeping them comfortable to wear. This silk as well went perfectly with the rebellious name of the panty as the material continued to make me feel seductive and empowered within them.

il_570xN.937343144_e00iThe one downside I did find with these panties were the side ties making them a bit unpractical to ever wear out of the bedroom. Because of this, they became my at seductive home panties only- my jeans are way to tight to hide bows. This to me wasn’t a huge hit as I greatly enjoy wearing my most seductive lingerie out of the house under my clothing to keep me feeling sexy throughout the day. It as well makes coming home a lot less work then running to go change before a little fun.

When wearing these panties, I found that they sat a bit below my hips (due to the small size i’d assume), but kept a good full coverage on my behind. The rushed material allowed the panties to hug my butt perfectly, keeping it looking plump. They were filled inside with a cotton jersey lining which is great for hygienic purposes, such as sweating and cleaning.

All in all, Velvet Rebel was definitely a change in what I am used to, but it was a great eye opener into a whole new line of lingerie. They are a perfect mix of seductive and edgy, with a bit of class and sass.

If you like what you see I’d highly recommend checking out their Velvet Rebel Etsy page and getting yourself one of these amazing creations now!

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