A Vibrator Specialists Guide To Masturbation

We’ve all spent time debating to buy one. Maybe even tried one out before. But we never really know what we should be using, or how we should be using it.

Thanks to Carvaka, The Vibrator Specialists, a company based out of the UK- we have been blessed with a beautiful gift. An infographic dedicated entirely to teaching us ladies about vibrators and exactly how to use them to bring about that mystical big “O”.

“We believe that people who are new to the vibrator world sometimes find themselves a little lost yet might be unwilling to ask for help”.

Sadly enough, for many women, it takes a lot more work to reach an orgasm than it does for men. For many women, it is not even possible through intercourse alone, and because of this they will need to have clitoral stimulation just to reach their point of climax.

So get ready to enjoy a very special surprise made just for women, in order to help them find that perfect little combination of sensations that will help them climax to a whole new level!

Carvaka, have produce an infographic (click for the full link) filled with images and charts made specifically to inform women on the go about the perfect vibrator for them.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 4.36.39 PM.png

This chart is informative, graphic, and beyond helpful for the female who has never before used a toy for self pleasure and is interested in both using one for herself, as well as spicing up her love life with her significant other.

The best thing about these toys is that they are great for personal time, as well as shared time. They can take your orgasm to a new level with your lover if you let it.

The infographic gives its readers information on: where to use a vibrator, how to use a vibrator, the different types of vibrators available, how to clean and store them, as well as which one is best for your needs.

Carvaka manages to cover all the topics that women wonder about all the time but are to scared to ask for. We do not allow ourselves the ultimate pleasure out of fear alone of both our own bodies, and what we are capable of bringing ourselves to feel.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 4.34.13 PM.png

Example Chart From Carvaka “How To Use A Vibrator” Guide.

One of my personal favourites off the infographic and how to chart, is Carvaka’s easy explanations of what to use for what feelings. For many women who are sensitive to pure clitoral stimulation but worry they cannot get off otherwise, Carvaka gives them options based on their needs.

They introduce you to different toys, methods, options to satisfy you no matter what.

This is an all in one graphic that can be kept on hand for the quickest and best information on the topic. It allows you to feel safe while researching, as well as keeps you informed about everything to do with masturbation.

Along with their infographic, Carvaka, also has an accompanying ‘How to Use Your Vibrator‘ guide which adds onto the material in their infographic with much more detail. By adding more writing to their infographics information, it allows the female reader to continue her research all in one site.

Carvaka is guide meant to make the “self loving” woman feel like the empowered sexual goddess she knows she can and wants to be.



One thought on “A Vibrator Specialists Guide To Masturbation

  1. amber92118 says:

    Are you reinventing the lightbulb or just restating the obvious? All of the fancy rhetoric in the world, mixed with charts and graphs, is only restating the obvious. Readers in need…………..Just buy the “rabbit”.


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