Guerrilla Geisha. Lingerie With A Bite.

A one of a kind design, filled with unique and mesmerizing prints of oriental flowers and colours- Guerrilla Geisha Lingerie is sure to turn you away from simple boring panties and towards an edgier, sexier lifestyle.IMG_20160317_122042


After beginning Guerrilla Geisha, originally in 2012 after the birth of her first son, Patrizia Grilli was set on combining her passions for tattoo design and lingerie in order to create a one of a kind beauty. Upon launching the line in 2014, Guerrilla Geisha became a crazy endeavor to create an edgy, sexy, yet fun line of lingerie. Through their hand crafted pieces, Guerrilla Geisha keeps each pair of panties unique to fill all their customer’s needs. With the brand’s signature style of cutting-edge designs, Guerrilla Geisha makes it a mission to incorporate beautiful unique prints, vivid colors, and high quality material to keep each piece better than the last.

20160307_202532Receiving my first Guerrilla Geisha package was a great  experience. Each piece was delivered individually in a little black box allowing the mystery and desire of what was inside to spark my excitement and imagination. Each box, a thick material comes with a simple “Guerrilla Geisha” sticker on top as a tease to let you know what is waiting inside without giving you the slightest hint of which piece is where. Once opening the box, more mystery awaits as your hand crafted creation lays wrapped in a thick black paper, neatly tucked away. The sheer effort alone that went into packaging each piece was a great indicator of how much work must have gone into creating them too!

Orchid Girl Teal Blu

After of course ripping this packaging open, as if I was a kid on Christmas, my perfect pair of Guerrilla Geisha panties lay waiting inside. The contrast of the touch between the rough box, crinkled paper, and silk panties make each pair feel even smoother and more desirable to the touch, as you can only imagine.

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Guerrilla Geisha presents the Oriental Dream collection, which comprises of three beautiful yet different styles of panties.

Cherry Blossom

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 12.19.11 AM

Cherry Blossom (my personal favorite design) brings forward a simplistic yet seductive piece. This panty, like the rest of the collection, is outlined with a strip of netting meant to give the pieces an edgier vibe to them. By including this simple detail to each piece, you can really tell just how much precise work went into  the making. A simple add-on of netting around the boarder of the panty alone adds the edge these pieces exude.

IMG_20160317_123220This classic brief is designed with the most refreshing material, that’s silky to the touch, and used all throughout, decorated with a unique Sakura Flower print. By using a single material throughout the entire panty, the Cherry Blossom is the most comfortable pair out of the bunch. They include a secure back to cover you’re entire bum for the ladies who prefer to be covered.  These panties also include one of my favorite features,  the rushed seam in the center of both the front and the back, causing a small dip in the panties which elongates the body giving your tummy a flatter look, while plumping your bum.

With its smooth and welcoming feel up against your skin, along with its unique floral print, these panties are sure to make you feel seductive while both dressed, or undressed.

Orchid Girl

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 12.17.47 AM

The Orchid Girl panty comes second in my list of favorites from Guerrilla Geisha’s OrientalIMG_20160317_122625 Dream collection. This piece, like the first shown, has the same net trimming throughout the panty and is designed with the same material. However, this panty adds a little twist to its style making it edgier, and a bit sexier. With its unique orchid flower design throughout the front, this pieces allows you the sheer sexual comfort of the material touching your skin, and the delicate print it brings with it. However, from behind the panty brings a whole new level to the idea of sex. With what I like to call the “business in the front, party in the back” panty, the Orchid Girl reveals a cheeky round opening at the back of the panty, which is made of netting, revealing a lot more skin than first expected.


When first trying this pair on, I was again amazed at how comfortable and light it felt against my skin. The elastic at the back, located on top of the keyhole opening, further adds to the comfort of the panty. The Orchid Girl Panty is definitely different from anything I have ever tried before, it was flirty while being edgy – a very interesting combination!

Tokyo Nights

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 12.17.26 AM

The final piece within the Oriental Dreams collection is the one of a kind Tokyo Nights panty. This piece is one meant for the girl who prefers a bolder panty colour, with no prints, and is available in 6 different colours. However, these are not your usual one-tone everyday panty; the Tokyo Night collection brings cutting edge style to the single toned panty lover. With a V-shape adjustable corset opening at the back, these panties are sure to bring “sexy back”. The collection features a unique stretch satin fabric throughout, which is not only soft to the touch but extremely figure hugging.

IMG_20160317_122926When first unwrapping them from their package I noticed that the corset back was tied up as tight as it goes. After trying them on and seeing just how tight they were, I undid them on myself and retied them in a way that I found most flattering for my shape. Having a corset back really adds to the ability to customize the fit of these panties to each body shape and size, only further accentuating your features instead of attempting to hide them.

With their elastic satin material, these panties do feel a bit thinner, and tend to show off the details of your body. If you are like me and don’t feel too comfortable with something so tight, I would highly recommend grabbing a size up, because even though they are adjustable from the back, you want them to fit comfortably on all your curves.

If you are ready to take your first steps towards sexier, edgier lingerie we have good news for you! This collection can be viewed and bought directly from Guerrilla Geisha at

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