Living In A Womens World

Happy International Womans Day-2Every year women are given one day internationally to be loved, celebrated, and acknowledged for everything they have come to accomplish.

Every other day of the year, being a woman is not as easy. We have come to live in a world where a lot of the time being intelligent and witty is not enough to get you through life. Career opportunities are withheld, pay is lowered, and a lot of the time we are told by the people around us that our career and life choices are incorrect because it is simply a mans duty/job and we can’t do it because what, we’re not strong enough, or worse, smart enough? Well I call bullshit because women can do anything men can, and a lot of the time we can do it better.

 “Who runs the world? GIRLS!” Always quote Queen Bee in times like this

Society has slowly been teaching girls from a young age that the way through life is not through their intelligence or problem solving capabilities, but through upbringing and sadly, mainly their looks. We are subliminal and sometimes very obviously told that we must look a certain way at all Woman-Hard-to-Be-by-Darry-Dtimes because it is “lady like”, or “polite”. As if its okay for a man to wake up and leave the house without any work because he has such a hard life doing all the manly man labor, but if a women does it she must be sick, lazy, or not a lady. 

Girls are socially taught that they must be thin (constantly needing to work on their body size), with giant breast, a perfect hour glass figure, and practically tattoo’d on makeup everyday of their lives in order to be given any attention. Their goal in life ends up becoming- Do whatever it takes to make men happy when they look at you, and then only maybe then, you’ll be able to flirt your way into a proper job, just to be treated as something to look at. Woman become the look of a business- marketing coordinators, public relations specialists- the image. The men control all aspects of the business side of a job, while women stand front and centre to make everything just more aesthetically pleasing.

With these social norms that have been placed above our heads, we have ourselves become our own worst critics. Women that are supposed to be supporting one another, are tearing each other down to feel better about themselves.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 1.54.28 PM

When the world you live in makes your life difficult, you shouldn’t be doing the same to the people suffering next to you.

It becomes crazy how much women end up putting each other down, comparing and judging each other to make themselves feel better. When it comes to this, women are furthering their demise in a patriotic society by allowing themselves to be treated so.

We end up being the most neglectful, spiteful and judgmental critics of ourselves as we never match up to what the world wants from us. If a woman has a hard time juggling work, kids, her home, she feels as though she is not enough. If a woman chooses work over having a family- she is looked down upon as not measuring up to what she is supposed to be.

Being a women is not easy, it sometimes feels unbearably impossible. Living up to what the world expects is a way to set yourself up for failure.

Do what you want, when you want it, and how you want it and never let anyone tell you otherwise. Can’t cook? Me neither! Hate cleaning? Great make a man do it instead.

Being a woman isn’t easy. Set your own rules, because nobody can do you better than you.

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