Change: The Intimate Collection Review

I have always been a lover of high waisted, vintage looking lingerie. I find it naturally elegant and timeless. I recently came across the Intimate Collection by Britney Spears at Change Boutique and after walking by the same set a few times decided I couldn’t leave the store until I tried it on.

Lingering Lust-3.jpg

I never really thought of wearing high waisted lingerie as I have a shorter upper body and a wide set of ribs making my muffin top, flap over higher then it probably should. To my surprise, though I wasn’t used to seeing this style of lingerie on me, I was pleasantly pleased.

For the bra, I picked an unconventional piece for myself as I am an avid lover of the push up bra, as a way to test the waters. I took the Fox Triangle Wireless Bra and it fit perfectly. I did not feel the usual pressure of the padding of the push up bra and still got a great amount of lift and support for my average size bust.

This piece was incredibly elegant and comfortable. With its mesh front, detailed with lace trimming on the cups and across the back, the set is perfect for your racer back dresses or shirts. The lace adds the elegant factor we all love, and lets you feel a bit seductive within its see-through holding.


For the panties I had to try on my first set of high waisted bottoms and went straight for the High-Waisted Thong. I have avoided high waisted underwear for so long because a lot of the time it looks old, incredibly un-chic, and completely unflattering. A woman should feel beautiful even when trying to control certain areas of her body. The Fox String High Waisted Thong from the same Intimate Collection by Britney Spears once on felt both rich and seductive.


Getting it over my hips was a bit hard as it is not stretchy due to the lace side inserts, but once on it is more comfortable than you can ever imagine. However, since there is no stretch the panty does control your stomach and hips from having any rolls of folds. The silk and lace detailing adds the elegant factor you want to have in your lingerie always, even when just dressing up for yourself.

After trying on this set, I went on to try more options from the Britney Spears collection and like this one I fell in love with all of them. She adds her sexy “hit me baby one more time” flare to each piece designed and allows each woman wearing the sets to feel confident and beautiful. Change Boutique has brought in a huge variety of high waisted and low cut panties in all cuts and sizes, as well as all type of bra shapes and sizes for any preference and body type. Definitely a collection to check out at your local Change Boutique or online.

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